Great read as always. Enough information and clean

I share your opinion, Today I took profit and im out in UBER, ZS and VTEX. Short QQQ from 387.

Still holding DUOL, SPOT, AI and ELF. Want to see the action tomorrow

My thought is a lower close in QQQ tomorrow, and later Nov a new high for the year. But anything can happen as always :)

Think alot of names look good beside the ones mentioned and the other names that are hot. DDOG, VRT, PLTR etc

Also alot of earnings left in names i like.. IOT, NCNO, PATH, ZS, BRZE

A pullback would be nice for sure. Got that early small QQQ short

How many names do you prefer to hold as a maximum?

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Hi Richard, thanks as always for your excellent information. I noticed this morning – 11/16 – that right after 7 AM when Walmart announced their earnings all of the major indices went down. For all of them to go down at the same time it strikes me there must've been some programmed trading that was keyed to look at Walmarts earnings announcement. Does deep view have anything that would warn of this kind of thing?

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great summary of days action always enjoy the read ... trading spx ode credit spreads (both sides) paying well added some dec qqq puts today aloha

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