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Trading Engineered is for anyone who wants to build technical analysis edges and improve their chart reading.

For both investors and traders alike this newsletter will help you better interpret the strength of trends and manage risk.

I will be passing along key concepts I’ve learned from in depth interviews with Hedge Fund Managers, Portfolio Managers, and U.S. Investing Champions as well as books, seminars and my own research

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Stock of the Week Analysis and Chart Markup

Each week I’ll be sharing a free in-depth analysis of my Stock of the Week highlighting important fundamental metrics as well as a chart markup and analysis explaining entry setups, position management, and other key technical characteristics.

Trading Concept Tutorial

Additionally I will be writing up blog posts discussing an essential trading concept such as risk management, weekly routines, or an entry setup. This will be a great way to shorten your learning curve quickly.

Market Wizard Interview Write-Ups

In these posts I’ll be sharing key quotes and concepts I’ve learned from all the excellent investors and traders I’ve interviewed for the Market Chat Podcast in a quick and digestible format.

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Trading Engineered is the perfect way to rapidly improve your technical analysis, manage risk and to learn high potential technical setups.

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Risk Focused Stock Trading and and Deep Dives into Technical Analysis Edges


Richard is a Mechanical Engineer passionate about teaching financial literacy and risk-focused trading methods. He is the host of the Market Chat Podcast which features Top Traders, Hedge Fund Managers, and US investing Champions.